Round Robin Draws Released!

The GHFA have released the draw for the Round Robin games – see below from the GHFA.

“The draw for this weekend is now available on the website
Remember you will need to select “2016 Round Robin” in the drop down menu, and for those competitions still completing their Premiership competition select “2016 Premiership”
Please check all draws carefully as some Premiership matches previously scheduled may have been moved to accommodate the RR matches

Note the following in regards to the Round Robin competition that commences this week:
• Championship competitions are labelled as 1, 2 etc, Pennant Competitions as 1b, 2b etc
• Under 15 Div 1 Pennant teams have been combined with U15 Div 3 Pennant teams in the U15/3 Pennant competition (U15/3b)
• Under 17 Div 2 Pennant teams have been combined with the bottom teams in U18 Div 1 and 2 for a combined U17/18 Pennant Comp (U17/18/2b)
• O35 Div 1 and 2 Pennant teams have been combined for a O35/1 Pennant competition (O35/1b)

Please advise any corrections asap

The draw for rounds 2 & 3 of the RR will be released by the end of this week
The draws for those competitions commencing their RR on 30 July will be released on Monday next week”

Go Pumas!

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