Early Bird Discount and Uniform Day – ending soon!

A reminder that our Information and Uniform Day is on tomorrow Saturday 3 February 2018 from 10am to 1pm in the MPC at Pacific Hills Christian School, then at Les Shore Glenorie from 3pm to 4pm (weather permitting!). Cash only on the day.

You only need to attend if you need to buy shorts or socks. Please be advised that we are currently out of small children’s socks, but we’ll have them available well before the season starts.

A reminder that early bird pricing is valid until Sunday 4 February 2018. After this the discount will end and full rego fees will be applied.

If you have a school age child, you should be eligible for the $100 Active Kids rebate. Select this as an add-on when registering to reduce your fees by $100. You will then need to apply via the Service NSW website for a voucher code from 31 January 2018. You then enter this code via Additional Questions in MFC. Registration approval will not be given until the voucher code is verified.

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Uniform Day – 1 February

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Uniform Day:
Pacific Hills on Saturday 1 February 10am – 12:00pm

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