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All games canceled this weekend due to wet weather

The GHFA have advised the following due to the rain recently:


As Ryde Council will be closing all grounds tomorrow and Hornsby Council will be closing six of their grounds, this weekend’s matches are all cancelled

Other grounds closed are Macquarie Uni, Epping Boys HS, Redfield College and Pacific Hills

These are the arrangements for the remainder of the season:

Div 2 and lower competitions:

The final round of the Round Robin is cancelled, and the current RR ladder positions will be used to determine the finals participants

Finals to be played as scheduled on Sat 13 August

The Pennant will be awarded to the team currently on top of the Pennant RR table. No Pennant will be awarded if only one match has been played as per By Law

Div 1 competitions:

The Championship RR matches in Div 1 competitions scheduled for this weekend will be rescheduled to the weekend of 13/14 August

The Pennant RR matches will not be rescheduled. The Pennant will be awarded to the team currently on top of the Pennant RR table. No Pennant will be awarded if only one match has been played as per By Law


The final Premiership round will be rescheduled to 13/14 August. Please check the draw to see if there any changes to venues/times

Semi-finals will be played at Pennant Hills on 20/21 August as follows:



Premier League

2 v 3 reserve grade  –  11am

2  v 3 first grade  –  1pm

1 v 4 reserve grade  –  3pm

1 v 4 first grade  –  5pm


Super League

2 v 3 reserve grade  –  11am

2 v 3 first grade  –  1pm

1 v 4  reserve grade  –  3pm

1 v 4 first grade  –  5pm

The final will be played between the winners of these games at Christie Park on 27 August as previously advised

We regret this will not be the desired outcome for all clubs, but we have a strict deadline for use of Council grounds, which begin the summer changeover on Monday 15 August.

Go Pumas!

Update from GHFA

Thank you to all clubs for the patience over last weekend. We managed to play all the RR matches, even though some teams were inconvenienced with unusual times and venues. A total of seven grounds were closed which made the relocation of matches a challenge.

Therefore, we are into R2 of the RR for most age groups and commencing the RR for those playing 2 rounds. The only competition to complete their Premiership is U16/1

The U12/5 Pennant competition has been split into 2 groups – 5b and 5c and there will be a pennant awarded in each

All draws for the coming weekend are now available on the website.

The draws for 6/7 August will be ready by Tues morning


Mark Lockie

General Manager

It’s raining, it’s pouring…

It looks like the wet weather is settling in!
We wont know until tomorrow morning if games will be cancelled due to ground closures.
So make sure you check out the website below to confirm your field’s status before game time tomorrow.

GHFA Announcement

A number of adjustments have been made to the competition tables in the divisions where teams have been re-graded as follows:


U16/1, U14/2, U12/3

The teams that have played the teams that have been moved out of the division have been allocated 3 points for a bye and the goals for and against adjusted to 3-0 for that match

The teams that have moved out of the division take their points and goals for and against to the new division

Note the tables adjustment will not show this an additional bye, but the additional points will appear.

Also note that 3 more rounds have been created for the U16/1 to make the draw more equitable.

U18/1 & 2

The points won and goals for and against after every team has played each other will be added to the totals for the 4 teams in Div 1 and to the 6 teams now in Div 2. The team in each Division with the highest points will be Premiers. The teams in Div 1 will be play in the finals for Div 1, and top 4 in Div 2 will play the finals series for Div 2 and bottom 2 for the pennant

In Div 2, the games played against the teams moved to Div 2 become byes with 3 points and 3 goals for an 0 goals against.

The Competition Director is aware of the differences in games played in Div 1 and this will be considered towards the end of the Premiership if necessary

West Epping and Carlingford 2

Note that Carlingford 2 has been withdrawn from use as it is not considered fit for play at the moment. All matches have been re-scheduled to other venues for the remainder of the season – some open age matches have had to be moved to Sundays so please check draws carefully

West Epping will be closed from 1 June as it is being  upgraded to synthetic. All Sat competitive matches have been moved to Meadowbank 8 – Epping FC will be responsible for ground dressing. Non-competitive matches have been moved to various venues.

Sunday matches have been re-allocated to various venues.

Another reminder

Just another reminder to remember to check your draws as there may have been changes implemented by GHFA.
Also, it’ll be a warm day tomorrow so remember your bottle of water and sunscreen.

Good luck and enjoy the weekend.
Go Pumas!

Check your draws!

GHFA announced this week that it has ammended the draws for “non-competitive age groups”.
Please double check your draws as ther may have been changes!

Good luck on the weekend.
Go Pumas!

Hazard Reduction Burns Happening This Weekend


Just a friendly reminder that the RFS will be conducting Hazard Reduction Burns throughout this week and over the weekend.
If you suffer from allergies or asthma make sure you turn up to your training sessions and games prepared with your puffer or some handy antihistamines.

We want you to have fun out there!

Uniform Day – 1 February

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Uniform Day:
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Les Shore on Saturday 1 February 2:30pm – 3:30pm

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